I am currently scheduling for future projects.


I am a senior software engineer and a full stack LAMP stack developer, with extensive Laravel experience.

Laravel Certificate 2017


Laravel 5.2 Tutorial

Github based tutorial teaching Laravel 5.2 with multiple Laravel projects as examples

Contractor Software

Full stack developer, software architect and project manager for start up.



Developer and founder of Customer Relationship Management software.

Goldpen CRM


Developer and creator of custom built CMS, built in the spirit of Wordpress.

CMS Package

Custom Content Management System package for Laravel.

Photo Profile Package

Package for creating a photo profile user management system in Laravel

Financial Calculators Package

Laravel package with useful jQuery Financial Calculators

Are You Passionate About Laravel?

Thank you for this potential opportunity to work with you. I am excited that you might consider me for any technical aspect of your Laravel project(s). I look forward to discussing our shared knowledge of MVC (Model View Controller software architecture) as it applies to Laravel, and how to transpose your business requirements into a working Laravel application.