Mike Stratton
Ohio Freelance Web Developer & Web Designer Architecture, Engineering & Applications

I am a freelance web developer based in Akron/Cleveland, Ohio. I have developed hundreds of websites, web applications and software for charities, non-profits and small to mid sized businesses. I reside in Portage County, Ohio but my web development work has impacted organizations across the globe.

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Phone: (330)802-0285
  Email: mikemikestratton.net

Validated & Quantifiable Freelance Web Developer

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." ~ Stephen Hawking

Engineer, Developer & Founder

I am the founder of Sunny Tree Software, a web development company registered with the State of Ohio. Originally founded as Integrity Technology Specialists in 2006, providing 15 years of unmatched freelance web development experience. 

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Computer Science & Mathematics

I attended Mountain State University and University of Illinois at Springfield in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I held a 3.84 GPA while attending and was selected for both the President's List and Dean's list as a result.


My Github repository shows the extent of my web, applications and software development experience. I have been coding since the 1980's with my first line of code written in basic. I have been writing high end OOP software since 2010.

Volunteer Web Developer

"No one is useless who lightens the burden of another" ~ Charles Dickens

Cleveland GiveCamp

"GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, database administrators, project managers and creative professionals donate their time to create software and web-based applications for non-profit organizations."
Source - clevelandgiveamp.org

NASA Space Apps

"Space Apps is an international hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and others in cities around the world, where teams engage with NASA’s free and open data to address real-world problems on Earth and in space."
Source - spaceapps.org

Cleveland Hackathon

"The Cleveland Medical Hackathon centers on the transformation of healthcare and its related systems. What role can technology play in not only improving healthcare, but alter fundamentally how we access it, gain benefits from it, and fund it."
Source ~ Nesco Resource

PHP/Laravel Freelance Web Developer

"More good code has been written in languages denounced as bad than in languages proclaimed wonderful —much more." ~ Bjarne Stroustrup

Freelance Laravel Developer

Laravel is a PHP Framework that uses MVC architecture. Interested in learning Laravel? I created a Laravel tutorial on Github. It is an introductory tutorial to PHP Laravel, the Artisan's choice for web application development.

Sunny Tree Software

My company, Sunny Tree Software, specializes in building line of business applications using the Laravel Framework. You can view some of my open source applications under Sunny Tree Software's Github account.


Some developers write code for organizations. I write code for organizations and other developers. I have published some of my work for developers on packagist.org. Laravel developers can install an example of my work using the command

composer require sunnytreesoftware/cactus

Wordpress, Drupal & Joomla Freelance Developer

"I've never thought of PHP as more than a simple tool to solve problems." ~ Rasmus Lerdorf

Freelance Wordpress Developer

Most Wordpress Developers view Wordpress in the same way a driver gets in and drives a car. Driving a car does not qualify you as a mecahnic. Yes, I can drive, but I can also build the car from the ground up. That's what a true Wordpress developer does. If your Wordpress developer doesn't understand (My)SQL statements, child themes and custom plugins, they aren't really a Wordpress Developer.

Freelance Drupal Developer

Not all software use case requirements can be met with Wordpress. Drupal is the next step up in meeting advanced software use cases. In some instances, even Drupal is better suited for a more advanced PHP framework such as Laravel combined with connection with other platforms and API's. I understand the limitations and benefits of each CMS and when you should or should not use a particular CMS.

Freelance Joomla Developer

Joomla is an alternative to Drupal and Wordpress and is also built with PHP on the LAMP stack. Although not as well supprted as Wordpress, Joomla development enthusiasts might argue that there is nothing better for Model-View-Controller software architecture. I prefer Laravel for MVC, but Joomla has it's purpose to.

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