OOA Analysis & Design

Analyzing a Problem and Designing a Solution

Topics covered:
Analyze a problem using object-oriented analysis (OOA).
Design classes for creating objects for an application.

Case Study: Requirements of Fabrikam, Inc

The requirements of the new order entry system at Fabrikam, Inc, are as

  • Online order entry for customers.
  • Online availability of items with prices according to current catalog.
  • Verification of the availability of items for online orders.
  • Verification of the payment.
  • Submission of the order to the warehouse.
  • Confirmation of the order to the customers by ...
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Aristotle’s Definition of Beauty

Aristotle Definition of Beauty

Mountain State University – Art Discussion Assignment

ART101 – Art Appreciatation
Instructor Amy Landrum – Mountain State University

What are your thoughts on the brief excerpt on Beauty by Aristotle? Do you agree or disagree, why? Make reference to art found anywhere in your text to prove your point.

From Metaphysics
(1078a 31-1078b 6)

“Now since the good and the beautiful are different (for the former always implies conduct as its subject, while the beautiful is found also ...

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Big O Notation

What is “Big O” Notation?

Big O notation: Indicates the worse-case run time for an algorithm–that is, how hard an algorithm may have to work to solve a problem.

Big O example:

Suppose an algorithm is designed to test whether the first element of an array is equal to the second. If the array has 10 elements, this algorithm requries one comparison. If the array has 15,000 elements, it still requires one comparison. In fact, the algorithm is completely independent of ...

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Artificial Intelligence – Our Need to Understand

Artificial Intelligence: Our Need to Understand

Michael A. Stratton
ENGL 101: English Composition
Instructor C. Pengilly, Mountain State University
March 27, 2011

Artificial Intelligence: Our Need to Understand

As an undergraduate majoring in computer science at Mountain State
University, I understand that artificial intelligence has been depicted in many
science fiction venues; although, artificial intelligence it is not just an
element of science fiction. It is important to understand that artificial
intelligence is a legitimate field of study within the field of computer
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APA Publication Manual

Reference: Modified APA Style


All information that is not your own thought needs to be cited within the posts.
Textual references will follow typical APA Style. For example, a reference to an
idea‟s source might be constructed in one of the following methods:

Since 1998, a number of hospitals have adopted the democratic leadership style
over the autocratic style employed in the past for quality circles (Swarbrick &
Pegg, 2004).

Swarbrick and Pegg (2004) concluded that, since 1998, hospital ...

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Data Storage & System Integration

Mountain State University Systems Architecture Assignment

Data Storage Technology / System Integration & Performance

What is the difference between static and dynamic RAM?

Static RAM is implemented entirely with transistors and Dynamic RAM uses transistors
and capacitors. DRAM circuitry is less complex than SRAM circuitry. DRAM uses capacitors
to store data dynamically. It is considered dynamic because capacitors quickly lose
their charge and require thousands of refresh operations per second. In contrast,
SRAM stores data with transistors only. The transistors implement complex ...

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Moore’s Law & Economic Disaster

Will Moore’s Law Lead To Economic Disaster?

Our economy is driven by Technology. Moore’s law states that every 18 months computing power will double. This is the result of improved manufacturing and improvements in technology.

A computer that cost $1,500 dollars today has over 12 times the processing power of a $1,500 computer built 10 years ago.
Moore’s law is the result of improved Silicon technology, and Silicon manufacturing technology will eventually reach it’s max ability to increase the number of transistors ...

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Product Life Cycle (PLC)

Software Development – Product Life Cycle

“Good analysis of the problem leads to a good design of the solution and
to decreased development time.”

1. Analysis

Analysis Stage
Analysis is the process of investigating a problem that you wish to solve with
your product.
Clearly define the problem that needs to be solved, the market niche that you
wish to feel, or the system you want to create and setting the scope of the
Identify key sub components that compose of ...

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