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ROI Web Design & Development

Return On Investment Web Design & Web Development

So you are thinking about how to promote your business and you have made a decision that a website may be a benefit to your organization. You have made the right choice, as a professionally designed website will increase your marketing potential.

Let’s use the following step by step scenario as to what a professionally designed website designed by can do for your organization

1. A potential customer searches for your product or service ...

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How Does Joomla Work?

How does Joomla Work?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you visit a website that was built
upon the Joomla application? I am going to explain the technologies behind a
Joomla application in a simplified format. The schematics behind the development
of Joomla is much more advanced then a simple explanation could offer, so rather
then try to offer you an education in computer science, I am going to offer just
a taste of the engineering behind Joomla.

You can ...

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