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Physics I: Classical Mechanics #1

8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics

Lecture #1: This lecture is about units, dimensions, measurements and associated uncertainties, dimensional analysis, and scaling arguments.

Prof. Walter Lewin

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Physics 1: Classical Mechanics Notes

Length = meters
Time = sec
Mass = kg

Profressor references a video entitled “The Powers of Ten” by Charles and Ray
Eames and Pyramid Media. After some searching I found the video, it displays 40
powers of ...

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Untested “Theory” of Instantaneous (0)x+y=0

This is an untested idea with no relevant data that supports these views.

Do not take this post seriously.

Theory of Instantaneous
{“Purpose-Action-Reaction-Result –> Redefined”}

Presently Physics Bases’ All of its Findings on the Following Concept:

(Purpose)Action +
Reaction = Result

In mathematical terms it would be stated as follows:

(Addition) 1 +
1 = 2

In common day use of mechanics it would be stated as follows:

(Electricity)Light Switch ...

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