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PHP eval(base64_decode

If you find following line of code on your site:
eval ( base 64_ decode consult a PHP developer – IMMEDIATELY! This line of code means that a hacker has gained complete control over your site and is using your website for malicious purposes. This security compromise is common to websites that are running an outdated version of WordPress. WordPress updates to newer versions to remove found security threats.


Ignoring a WordPress update may result in a mySql ...

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Learn PHP in 24 Hours

SAMS Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours, 3rd Edition courtesy of the Association for Computing Machinery

This post was created as a reference point.

PHP Standard Data Types

There are 6 standard data types in PHP. They are:

  • Integer
  • Double
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Object
  • Array
  • There are also 2 Special Data Types. They are:

  • Resource
  • Null
  • Testing for a specific data type.

    Functions to test data types

  • is_array()
  • is_bool()
  • is_double()
  • is_int()
  • is_object()
  • is_string()
  • is_null()
  • is_resource()
  • Operators and Expressions

    An operator is a symbol or series of symbols that, when used in conjunction with values, performs an action and usually produces a new value.

    An ...

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    PHP Best Practices

    PHP Best Practices & Notes

    The following notes are listed for reference to PHP development.


    MySql Query Example
    // mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM searchengine WHERE keywords LIKE ‘%mike%’ OR keywords LIKE ‘%stratton%'”);



    PHP Safe Mode is deprecated.

    The following php script can test the connection to your database.
    Create a php file with the following code and save as test.php. Upload to your web server and run the script from a browser.
    $host = ‘localhost’;
    $user = ...

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