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Security Policy Overview

Simplistic Overview of a Security Policy

A security policy is used to build an effective security infrastructure.
Without an effective security policy, a firewall implementation is ineffective.

An infrastructure with an effective security policy:
–> Secures resources, including information and systems
–> Improves employee performance
–> Determines what traffic your firewall will allow or deny.

A security policy is the first line of defense in establishing a secure
systems infrastructure. It must be effective in providing guidelines for the
entire organziation.

To reduce risk, ...

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Security Risk Management Guide

The Security Risk Management Guide

Download The Security Risk Management Guide here

The Security Risk Management Guide Overview

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Security Risk Management Guide

Chapter 1 introduces the Security Risk Management Guide (SRMG) and provides a brief overview of subsequent chapters. It also provides information about the following:

  • Keys to succeeding with a security risk management program
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Style conventions in the papers
  • References for further information

Chapter 2: Survey of Security Risk Management Practices

Chapter 2 lays ...

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The 10 Immutable Laws of Security

The 10 Immutable Laws of Security

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1. When you choose to run a program, you are making a decision to turn over control of your computer to it. Once a program is running, it can do anything, to the limits of what you can do on the machine.

2. In the end, an operating system is just a series of ones and zeros that, when interpreted by the processor, cause the machine to do certain things. ...

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