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Bit Decryption Algorithm 1:3 Ratio

This article is focused on how it is possible that an algorithm can read 1 bit of data yet store the results of 3 bits.

The concept behind this idea is quite simple. We know that bits are sent via an encoded signal from the CPU of an informaton system. It is also known, that at the base of all CPU’s, the machine language is based on binary bits, represented as values of 1 or 0.

Here is an example of how the bit string ...

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Hypothesis – Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Life

The purpose of this post is to document my research in the comprehension of artificial intelligence and the simulation/creation of an artificial life form.

Artificial Intelligence – Research Question and Hypothesis

Topic: Artificial Intelligence

Narrowed Topic: Artificially intelligent algorithms and artificial life.

Issue: Advancing and improving artificial intelligence for the purpose of creating artificial life forms, and/or artificial life simulations.

Research Questions: Of the existing types of artificially intelligent algorithms, which has the greatest potential to improve and/or expand our current capabilities in the use ...

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Artificial Life – Simple Animation

One of the base things I must accomplish in the creation of a software program that emmulates the evolution and survival of life is a simplistic method of animating graphical objects. The graphics will be able to “see” and therefore will sense when they come in close contact with other objects. After a bit of research and development, I found an existing program, written in Java, that does just this.

The artificial life simulation will take into account the cycle of ...

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