MikeStratton.net Re-Launching As Sunny Tree Software

Over the next several month’s you are going to see an amazing transformation as “mikestratton.net, Freelance Web Developer” is going to be restructured as “Sunny Tree Software“.

I am excited about this transformation as it allows my marketing model to more appropriately match the quality of web development services I offer. Currently, I am sought out as a “Freelance Web Developer”. This often results in companies seeking out the “cheap alternative” to hiring a web firm or software consultant.

Sunny Tree Software is also focused in providing subscription, web based, software services. In 2018, we will be releasing a web based CRM with a focus of logging sales relationships. Introductory costs will be at a rate of $4/month per user. This CRM is a Content Management System that can be customized to meet any specific companies CRM needs.

Sunny Tree Software will be providing the same WordPress, Drupal and Joomla web development services that I currently offer. We are expanding our focus to custom application development with the eventual goal of being only a subscription based web software provider.

Sunny Tree Software