jQuery & CSS

CSS, also known as Cascading Style Sheets, is what makes a website aesthetically appealing to users. jQuery(JavaScript), increases the functionality of the website from within the browser. Working as a full stack developer it is not uncommon for any give web project to be mostly or entirely focused on one aspect of the stack. I find development of CSS and jQuery exciting and easy. This transcribes into fast development at reduced costs for the stakeholder.

The biggest difficulty for any full stack developer comes when they must challenge the mathematical side of their brain to become artistic, and vice versa. A front end developer(CSS, jQuery, UI, Graphic Design) is often comes from an artistic background. A back-end developer(aka web developer) is expected to be able to quantify, with education or experience, a computer science and/or math background.

“CSS is focused on beautification; whereas, jQuery is focused on functionality and PHP is the controller that manipulates data.” ~ Source: A Full Stack Developer

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