Freelance Web Developer

I am a freelance web/software developer whose focus is on the development of Content Management Systems(WordPress, Drupal and Joomla) built upon the LAMP stack. My primary language is PHP. I also code in Java and I have some experience in C++.

The core of my at-cost services has been in developing websites for small businesses and nonprofits based in Northeastern Ohio(Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Columbus).

The quality of my work combined with a competitive rate has also resulted in working for clients, remotely, world wide.

Innovative Technical Solutions

My passion is in experimenting with technology in the hopes of finding new and innovative ways to solve technical and non-technical problems in an ever changing world.

Local to Northeastern Ohio, I have enjoyed volunteering for nonprofits via

My volunteer work has extended to all four corners of the globe as I have helped organizations via

I have also extended my work beyond the limits of Earth into space as a result of attending hack-a-thons such as NASA’s Space Apps Challenge.

I share my volunteer work as a method of validating my passion for making the world a better place.