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Stratton Earns Scholarship

Mountain State University

Source: http://www.recordpub.com/news/article/5031457 Retrieved July 4, 2011

Michael A. Stratton of Streetsboro has been selected as a recipient of the Mountain State Scholarship Circle scholarship award at Mountain State University, based in Beckley, W.Va.

Stratton is currently a freshman enrolled in the computer science program at Mountain State University, with a current grade point average of 3.9. Scholarships at Mountain State University are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

Stratton is also a freelance web designer and web developer, and ...

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A Theological Objection to Artificial Intelligence

Theological Objection?

Many religous leaders or persons of faith will argue that the study of artificial intelligence is in direct contrast to God’s will.  I belive this view comes from a misconception and/or lack of education in the arena of information systems. That being said, the very same leaders that argue against the use of artificial intelligence, also depend on technology in every aspect of their day to day life.

Any reference to the term “artificial intelligence” is responded with images from movies like “The Terminator” ...

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Artificial Life Simulation

I have many software projects that I have been working on. One of my favorites is an Artificial Life Simulation. I will be using the blog portion of mikestratton.net to keep a running record of my work. The Artificial Life Simulation is being developed in Java.

Artificial Life Simulation Overview

Create a simulation that emulates life and evolution.
The simulation is governed by the same rules that govern our world. Graphic
objects in simulation represent life forms and environmental objects. Life
forms ...

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RFC 20 – ASCII Character Chart

ASCII Code Chart

ASCII format for Network Interchange

Network Working Group Vint Cerf
Request for Comments: 20 UCLA
October 16, 1969
ASCII format for Network Interchange
For concreteness, we suggest the use of standard 7-bit ASCII embedded in an 8 bit byte whose high order bit is always 0. This leads to the standard code given on the attached page, copies from USAS X3, 4-1968. This code will be used over HOST-HOST primary connections. Break characters will be defined ...

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Security Policy Overview

Simplistic Overview of a Security Policy

A security policy is used to build an effective security infrastructure.
Without an effective security policy, a firewall implementation is ineffective.

An infrastructure with an effective security policy:
–> Secures resources, including information and systems
–> Improves employee performance
–> Determines what traffic your firewall will allow or deny.

A security policy is the first line of defense in establishing a secure
systems infrastructure. It must be effective in providing guidelines for the
entire organziation.

To reduce risk, ...

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Security Risk Management Guide

The Security Risk Management Guide

Download The Security Risk Management Guide here

The Security Risk Management Guide Overview

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Security Risk Management Guide

Chapter 1 introduces the Security Risk Management Guide (SRMG) and provides a brief overview of subsequent chapters. It also provides information about the following:

  • Keys to succeeding with a security risk management program
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Style conventions in the papers
  • References for further information

Chapter 2: Survey of Security Risk Management Practices

Chapter 2 lays ...

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Aristotle’s Definition of Beauty

Aristotle Definition of Beauty

Mountain State University – Art Discussion Assignment

ART101 – Art Appreciatation
Instructor Amy Landrum – Mountain State University

What are your thoughts on the brief excerpt on Beauty by Aristotle? Do you agree or disagree, why? Make reference to art found anywhere in your text to prove your point.

From Metaphysics
(1078a 31-1078b 6)

“Now since the good and the beautiful are different (for the former always implies conduct as its subject, while the beautiful is found also ...

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APA Publication Manual

Reference: Modified APA Style


All information that is not your own thought needs to be cited within the posts.
Textual references will follow typical APA Style. For example, a reference to an
idea‟s source might be constructed in one of the following methods:

Since 1998, a number of hospitals have adopted the democratic leadership style
over the autocratic style employed in the past for quality circles (Swarbrick &
Pegg, 2004).

Swarbrick and Pegg (2004) concluded that, since 1998, hospital ...

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