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Java Palindrome

Mountain State University Java Assignment

3.30 (Palindromes)

Write an application that reads in a five digit integer and determines whether it’s a palindrome. If the number is not five digits long, display an error message and allow the user to enter a new value.

Java Palindrome Source Code

import java.util.Scanner; //initialize scanner

public class palindrome // defines class name

public static void main( String[] args )
// Scanner = new Scanner( );
Scanner input = new Scanner( );

int digit; // enter 5 ...

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Mountain State University

Published: June 1, 2011

I have been accepted into Mountain State Universities Online Computer Science Program! This is a dream come true, to attend college. It is also a delusion turned into reality, for me to study as an undergraduate in the field of computer science.

If I accomplish the little bit of success that I have, it only proves that good works & faith is a proven method for success for anyone! You can take all of the negative in my ...

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Artificially Intelligent Machines

Artificially Intelligent Machines – Creative Common License

In today’s technology we must adapt to the various interfaces and software programs available to suit our needs. Imagine a world in which the technology adapts to the users preferences and behaviors.

A work in progress, I have offered an extremely simplistic view of the base of this technology. If you wish to collaborate on my work in its entirety, please feel free to read over the license at the bottom of the page and ...

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Reference

This article was created as a reference point to the subject matter of Quantum Computing

Quantum computer
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A quantum computer is a device for computation that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. Quantum computers are different from traditional computers based on transistors. The basic principle behind quantum computation is that quantum properties can be used to represent data and perform operations ...

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Java Salary Calculator

Mountain State University Java Assignment

3.20 (Salary Calculator)

Develop a Java application that determines the gross pay for each of three employees. The company pays straight time for the first 40 hours worked by each employee and time and a half for all hours worked in excess of 40. You are given a list of the employees, their number of hours worked last week and their hourly rates. Your program should input this information for each employee, then determine and display the ...

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Java – Pythagorean Triples

Java – Pythagorean Triples

Mountain State University Java Assisgnment

Java How to Program: Exercise 4.21 page 165

4.21 (Pythagorean Triples)
4.21 (Pythagorean Triples – Source Code)

Pythagorean Triple
A right triangle can have sides whose lengths are all integers.
The set of three integer values for the lengths of the sides of a right triangle
is called a Pythagorean Triple. The lengths of three sides must satisfy the relationship that the sum of the
squares of two of the sides is equal to ...

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Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Engineering Department at Stanford University Offering Online Classes For Free

Stanford University is offering a program comparible to MIT’s OpenCourse. Like MIT’s OpenCourseWare, you are given access to the exact same class material that students attending and paying for an education at Stanford Universtiy.

Does Stanford University’s program entitled Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE)or MIT’s OpenCourseWare interest you?

To learn more about Stanford Engineering Everywhere
click here:

To learn more about MIT’s OpenCourseWare
click here: ...

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Java Reference

Java Reference (Sun Microsystems)

This page is utilized for a reference to Java.


Java API: 

Learn the Java Programming Language: 

W3 Schools Tutorial: 

Sun Microsystems Official Java Page: 

Join the Sun Developers Network: 

SDN Channel: 

The NetBeans IDE BlueJ Plugin: 

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