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Hypothesis – Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Life

The purpose of this post is to document my research in the comprehension of artificial intelligence and the simulation/creation of an artificial life form.

Artificial Intelligence – Research Question and Hypothesis

Topic: Artificial Intelligence

Narrowed Topic: Artificially intelligent algorithms and artificial life.

Issue: Advancing and improving artificial intelligence for the purpose of creating artificial life forms, and/or artificial life simulations.

Research Questions: Of the existing types of artificially intelligent algorithms, which has the greatest potential to improve and/or expand our current capabilities in the use ...

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Artificial Life – Simple Animation

One of the base things I must accomplish in the creation of a software program that emmulates the evolution and survival of life is a simplistic method of animating graphical objects. The graphics will be able to “see” and therefore will sense when they come in close contact with other objects. After a bit of research and development, I found an existing program, written in Java, that does just this.

The artificial life simulation will take into account the cycle of ...

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Artificial Life – Simple Math

The following code transforms the struggle for survival into a mathematical equation. A user is asked to enter a number of carnivores to create between 1 – 100. Once the number has been decided, the plants, herbivores and carnivores reproduce contingent on a specific ratio between plants:herbivores:carnivores or 16:6:2.

The program takes 3 separate life forms plants, herbivores and carnivores and increases or decreases their reproduction rate depedent on their ratio in comparison to the other life forms. A ratio of ...

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Artificial Life Simulation

I have many software projects that I have been working on. One of my favorites is an Artificial Life Simulation. I will be using the blog portion of to keep a running record of my work. The Artificial Life Simulation is being developed in Java.

Artificial Life Simulation Overview

Create a simulation that emulates life and evolution.
The simulation is governed by the same rules that govern our world. Graphic
objects in simulation represent life forms and environmental objects. Life
forms ...

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MIT – Introduction to Copyright Law

MIT 6.912 Introduction to Copyright Law

Topics Covered: Introduction; Basics of Legal Research; Legal Citations

Instructor: Keith Winstein

Instructor: Keith Winstein

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Introduction to Copyright Law: Class Notes

US Constitution: Article 1 Section 8 (Intellectual Property Clause)
The Congress shall have Power….
To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

The Sunny Bono Copyright Term Extension ...

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OOA Analysis & Design

Analyzing a Problem and Designing a Solution

Topics covered:
Analyze a problem using object-oriented analysis (OOA).
Design classes for creating objects for an application.

Case Study: Requirements of Fabrikam, Inc

The requirements of the new order entry system at Fabrikam, Inc, are as

  • Online order entry for customers.
  • Online availability of items with prices according to current catalog.
  • Verification of the availability of items for online orders.
  • Verification of the payment.
  • Submission of the order to the warehouse.
  • Confirmation of the order to the customers by ...
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Big O Notation

What is “Big O” Notation?

Big O notation: Indicates the worse-case run time for an algorithm–that is, how hard an algorithm may have to work to solve a problem.

Big O example:

Suppose an algorithm is designed to test whether the first element of an array is equal to the second. If the array has 10 elements, this algorithm requries one comparison. If the array has 15,000 elements, it still requires one comparison. In fact, the algorithm is completely independent of ...

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