Computer Science

Criminal Computer Hacking

IP addresses from following networks(only a few networks listed) have tried to illegally access this website. As per protocol, I may reach out to each network listed to notify them that a perpetrator(or virus) within their network is trying to illegally access this website through computer hacking. The listing here of these networks does not imply any wrong doing of that network, this is only being listed for a reference point. Most if not all major IP networks have cases of ...

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2015 NASA Space Apps Challenge

Since as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of being an astronaut one day. That day will never come true for me as I do not nor will I ever meet the requirements for such a prestigious career. My attending NASA’s Space Apps Challenge 2015 was a dream come true – Thank you NASA, COSE, Cleveland Tech Events for your sponsoring of such an unbelievable event.

My team worked on the Data ...

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i the Imaginary Number

i = imaginary unit

The letter i, when use to represent a number is known as “the imaginary number”.

Given the definition of i both of the following statements are true:
i^2 = -1 and i =  {sqrt{-i}}

i^0 = 1
Any number with an exponent of 0 is equal to 1.

i^1 = i

i^2 = -1

i^3 = -i
i^3 = i^2 * i
i^2 = -1
i^3 = -1 * i = -i

i^4 = 1
i^4 = i * i^3
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Artificial Life? Is it possible?

Is it possible to create artificial life? Here is a few lines of code for thought:

// Artificial Life? Is is possible?

if (bacteriaResponds) {
else {

while (bacteriaIsTrainable) {

Before further explaining this code, let me first propose the following questions:

  1. Is bacteria trainable?
  2. Is bacteria capable of conducting an electrical current?

The answer to both of these questions is an astonishing yes:

  1. Bacteria is trainable
    Delft University of Technology. (2010, ...
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Fibonacci Series in Java

Java code written to count and output the Fibonacci sequence.

// Algorithm for Adding Fibonacci Numbers

// @author
public class Fibonacci

public static void main(String[] args)

int count = 20; // set the number of times the equation runs ** do not exceed 44
int x = 0; int y = 1; // set the initial values to be added
int fib = 0; //  fibonacci number

for (int i = 0; i <= count; i++)
fib = x + y;
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Introduction to Logarithms

Video on this page courtesy of The University of Western Australia.

Logarithm Defined:

23 = 8
“The base of 2 raised to the power of 3 gives the number 8.”
“What power of the base 2 gives us the number 8?”

Logarithm Sample Problem:

log3 9 = ?
“What power of 3 produces 9”
In other words, how many times do I have to multiply 3 by itself to produce ...

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University of Illinois at Springfield – Computer Science Program

Acceptance into University of Illinois at Springfield Computer Science Program

If you had told me, 10 years ago, that I would be studying for a degree in computer science I would of laughed and replied that you were crazy. If you would have also told me that I would be studying at one of the best computer science programs in the country, I would have replied that you need to get off the drugs and seek professional help as you are ...

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