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Quick (Acid Test ) Ratio Calculator

Quick Ratio Demo

“In finance, the Acid-test or quick ratio or liquidity ratio measures the ability of a company to use its near cash or quick assets to extinguish or retire its current liabilities immediately. Quick assets include those current assets that presumably can be quickly converted to cash at close to their book values. A company with a quick ratio of less than 1 cannot currently fully pay back its current liabilities.”

Formula for for Quick (Acid Test) ...

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GitHub Pull Request Tutorial

If you have written code and you are a user of, this tutorial will be useful to you. This tutorial is being written in a cookbook style, step-by-step format.

Step-by-Step GitHub Pull Request Tutorial

Useful: GitHub Help, Create a pull request

Step One
Download Git Bash from:

Step Two
Find a repository on GitHub that you would like to work on.

Step Three
Click the Fork button.

Github Fork

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Code that Saves People’s Lives

Code that Saves People’s Lives

The most important aspects of coding lies in it’s ability to positively impact, influence and enhance the mission of any organization. For me personally, one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of coding is finding solutions for problems in society that will change people’s live for the better.

Q. What is the Problem?
A. In the United States: a) someone dies from suicide every 15 minutes, b) there are over 30,000 suicides ...

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I Right Code

I Right Code
I Write Code
I Write Better PHP Code

The greatest asset to any programmer is their ability to improve on the efficiency and simplicity of the code they write.

a) PHP Documentation
b) My PHP Code on GitHub

Code is an artistic expression and extension of one’s true self. There is nothing more satisfying then writing efficient and simplistic code that you know other programmers will view as good code. Practically anybody on God’s ...

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PHP Foreach – Query Users Tweets on Twitter

Queries twitter using specific keyword and posts most recent 100 tweets

Foreach Definition

The foreach construct provides an easy way to iterate over arrays. foreach works only on arrays and objects, and will issue an error when you try to use it on a variable with a different data type or an uninitialized variable. There are two syntaxes:

foreach (array_expression as $value)
foreach (array_expression as $key => $value)

The first form loops over the array ...

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PHP – Most Frequent Element in an Array

A program that finds the most frequent element in an array.

Program Uses PHP functions:
array_count_values, arsort, array_keys,



array_count_values() returns an array using the values of array as keys and their frequency in array as values.


arsort — Sort an array in reverse order and maintain index association
This function sorts an array such that array indices maintain their correlation with the array elements they are associated with.

This is used mainly when sorting associative arrays where the actual element order is significant.


array_keys ...

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