PuppyOhio Freelance Web Developer

Who is Mike Stratton?

To the right of this text sits the family dog Rocky when he was just a puppy. Rocky was a gift to my loving wife for her birthday. Rocky has since grown to a weight of 120 pounds, yet he is just as much as a joy as he was when he was a puppy.

You might ask yourself: “why do I care about Mike’s personal life, what does this have to do with web development”?

The response is simple, my personal life has EVERYTHING to do with web development. If you can get to know me as a person, you will find that I believe in trust as a base for any professional or personal relatonship. If you do not trust or know the person you are hiring, you most certainly should not hire them or even consider hiring them.

Thanks for your interest, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions about my freelance WordPress web design and WordPress web development services. I can be reached by cell at 330-802-0285.