Freelance Web Developer Comparison Tables

Company Hourly Rate Min Quote (10 hrs) Max Quote (10 hrs) Markup % Pay less then quote?
Web Development Company  $85 – $125 per person $2,975  $8,750 (2 people) 250%  No
Web Design Firm $85 – $125 per person $2,975   $8,750 (2 people) 250% No
Freelance Web Developer  $85 – $250 $850  $5,000 (100% markup) Varies No
Freelance Web Designer   $85 – $250 $850   $5,000 (100% markup) Varies No
Mike Stratton  $35  $350 or less  $350 No Markup Yes, if hours are less.


Company Educational Background Validate Code? Validate High IQ? Years in Business # of Websites Developed
Web Development Company Business Administration Varies Varies Varies Varies
Web Design Firm Art or Marketing No No 0-3 years 0 (Artists Can’t Code!)
Freelance Web Developer High School No No 0-2 years 5 or less
Freelance Web Designer High School No No 0-2 years 5 or less
Mike Stratton  Computer Science & Mathematics Yes – Github Click Here Since 2006 Over 300

*The information in these tables is derived from the typical, average business process of Web Development Companies, Web Design Firms, Freelance Web Designers and Freelance Web Developers. Obviously, there are exceptions to each individual result listed. The purpose of this table is to help business owners become a bit more productive in their research before hiring someone to develop a website or application.

Web Development Rates and Services

How do the Freelance Web Development Rates and Services offered by Mike Stratton compare to other freelance web developers, web development company’s and web design firms?

  • When hiring a web development company, you are paying for the salary of programmers, database developers, designers, sales & support, administrators, executives, real estate, office equipment, company vehicles, etc.
  • When hiring a web design firm, you are paying for the salary of graphic designers, front end developers, marketers, sales & support, administrators, executives, real estate, office equipment, company vehicles, etc.
  • On average, other freelance web developers rates are in the range of $85 – $250 per hour.
  • Flat rate quotes offered by freelance web developers and web development companies are based on a 250% markup based on max amount of time it will take.
  • If requirements are explicitly defined, Mike Stratton can offer a flat rate quote, based on max amount of time it will take(0% markup). If the hours worked are less then the flat rate quote, you will pay for only the time worked, not the original quote. If the hours worked are more then the original flat rate quote, and the original requirements have not changed, you will not pay more then the original quote.
  • Graphic design based companies have limited or no experience in programming, databases and security.
  • Marketing and/or business based companies are based in business and make huge investments in over paying programmers, database admins, graphic designers, sales teams, etc.
  • The term “freelance web developer” can be used by anyone and does not qualify someone as having an education in computer science or software.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire

You will find the questions listed below extremely useful in assessing any freelance web developer, freelance web designer, web development company or web design firm. A competent web development company is staffed by mostly web developers who have a education background based in math and computer science.

Questions Related to Education

  1. Are you a graphic designer?
  2. Do you have a business degree?
  3. Do you have a college background?
  4. What was your major in college?
  5. Is your computer science degree in science or arts? (B.S. or B.A.)
  6. Do you have an educational background in computer science and math?
  7. Has your IQ ever been tested?

Questions Related to Cost of Services

  1. What is your hourly rate?
  2. If you work less hours then your flat rate estimate, will I pay only for the time worked?
  3. How many employees do you have?
  4. What percentage of your employees are programmers?
  5. How many computing devices does your company have?

Questions Related to Experience

  1. Do you have a github account?
  2. Can you show me some code you have written?
  3. What database(s) do you work with?
  4. What is your preferred Linux distribution?
  5. What API’s do you work with?
  6. What was the first language you learned in college?