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“Very Superior” Intelligence

My mother has dementia. She has a master’s degree in education and until recently, she has never had difficulty comprehending any piece of verbal or written communication. In just a few short years, I have seen her go from act’s of pure genius to being unable to use 99% of her previous vocabulary.

Q. Why am I telling this? Why do I think you care?
A. The primary purpose of this post is to validate my abilities as a computer programmer(aka software developer).

Your next question is likely to be:
Q. What does your mother’s dementia have to do with your abilities as a software developer?
A. Good question. Please read on.

I have always been able to comprehend and solve complex problems much more efficiently then others. I am not always the best at direct verbal communications. After seeing my mom being diagnosed with Dementia I started to become concerned that “stumbling” in direct verbal communications was the direct result of early onset Dementia. As a result of this my family doctor at Cleveland Clinic referred me to the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute.  A Neuropsychological Evaluation was performed by the office of Richard I. Naugle, PhD, ABPP.

Q. So you might have dementia? Why would I hire you?
A. Good news: I don’t have dementia. Better news: Dr. Naugle evaluation found that I have “very superior” intelligence.

I received the official report from his office today by mail Here is what it said:

  • “The results of sub-tests assessing various aspects of verbal and visuospatial reasoning revealed “very superior” timed visual form discrimination and superior attention to verbally presented information, verbal arithmetic reasoning, and abstract visuospatial reasoning.”
  • “Sub-tests produced a Working Memory Index of 128 (superior) and a Processing Speed Index of 127 (superior)”
  • “Superior to very superior performance on a number of tasks assessing or requiring working memory or visuomotor speed.”

Q. What is the point of all this malarkey?
A. I have just validated to you that I have “superior intelligence”. You can trust that I can meet your software requirements with relative ease.

Q. You have an IQ of 128? So what? Albert Einstein had an IQ of over 180!
A. I proposed this very question to Dr. Naugle, his response: “In over 30 years I have never seen someone score that high. I could see him having an IQ around 140”.

“Albert Einstein didn’t learn to talk until he was four, couldn’t learn to tie his own shoes, and was way behind his classmates in learning to read. His teachers said he was mentally slow, unsociable, and a dreamer. Although he eventually made it through school, he failed the entrance examination for college.” ~ disabilityservices.nscc.ca


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