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Web Application for Water Data Analysis

Web application is being created for Erie Hack 2017.

Data Problems

Misuse of Data

Use of data standards under any specific domain insure that published data is interoperable with other information systems.

Time Consumption

Environmental scientists are given the task of searching and gathering multitudes of data from a multitude of data sources.


Environmental scientists, institutions and organizations do not always recognize or understand the need for data standards.

Data Solutions


WaterML is a strain of XML developed specifically for the sharing of water data. Use of WaterML data standards to create data visualizations. This is done with a combination of Drupal, Google Charts API, Plotly and other open source software.

Easy Access

We can reduce the amount of time a scientist has to spend locating and formatting data. Simply complete a form and send, explaining your needs and we do the work for you. Any request received for data(that is not easily created) is used as a requirement input using an Agile Software Development Lifecycle Methodology.


Creation of simple and easy video’s, tutorials and content that will improve how a scientist saves their data. We do not limit educational solution to just training. Each institution has it’s own method for creating and access data. We create software to enhance and improve these methods.

Nonprofit Board

  • If this project is awarded any prize money, it cannot be accepted without there first being the
    creation of a nonprofit board as a registered 501(c)(3).
  • This will insure that any awarded money will be put to good use, at the discretion of the board.
  • Board members must be established environmental scientists or in a related field, who can validate
    their education and/or work in the field.
  • Board members can not financially benefit from joining.
  • Board members must not have any direct affiliation with the creator of this project.

Creative Commons License
Web Application for Water Data Analysis by Michael A. Stratton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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