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Criminal Computer Hacking

IP addresses from following networks(only a few networks listed) have tried to illegally access this website. As per protocol, I may reach out to each network listed to notify them that a perpetrator(or virus) within their network is trying to illegally access this website through computer hacking. The listing here of these networks does not imply any wrong doing of that network, this is only being listed for a reference point. Most if not all major IP networks have cases of criminal computer hacking being committed by users within their network. The networks have no limited control over what individual users (or bots) do within their network. This list is a tiny sample of networks within the ARIN Registry and can be found through an ARIN WHOIS-RWS Search

  2. OVH Hosting, Inc
  3. Amazon Technologies Inc.
  4. ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc.
  5. HT
  6. KW Datacenter

The penalties for hacking vary from state to state, in Ohio the penalties range from a 2nd degree felony to a 1st degree misdemeanor. These penalties are defined by  Ohio Administrative code 2913.04. A second degree felony can be punishable up to 10 years in prison, but this is only inclusive of the charges being drawn by the prosecution. It is not uncommon for a more severe sentence and multiple charges to be drawn against criminals of this type.

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