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GitHub Pull Request Tutorial

If you have written code and you are a user of GitHub.com, this tutorial will be useful to you. This tutorial is being written in a cookbook style, step-by-step format.

Step-by-Step GitHub Pull Request Tutorial

Useful: GitHub Help, Create a pull request

Step One
Download Git Bash from:

Step Two
Find a repository on GitHub that you would like to work on.

Step Three
Click the Fork button.

Github Fork

Step Four
Locate the HTTPS git clone url on your newly forked repository.

GitHub Clone URL

Step Five
Copy the HTTPS git clone url.

Step Six
Open Git Bash

Step Seven
From Git Bash, type
git clone https:github.com/your_repository.git

Step Eight
Make changes to the repository on your local system.

Step Nine
From Git Bash, type
git commit -m “your message here”

Step Ten
From Git Bash, type
git push

Step Eleven
From Git Bash, enter your user name and password.

Step Twelve
Go to your repository on GitHub.com and click the “Pull requests”.

GitHub Pull Requests

Step Thirteen
Click the “New Pull Request” button.

GitHub New Pull Request

Step Fourteen
Click the “Create Pull Request” button.

GitHub Create Pull Request

Step Fifteen
Type a title and description for your pull request.

Step Sixteen
Click the “Create Pull Request” button.


GitHub Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a “GitHub pull request”?
A “GitHub pull request” is used to tell others that you have made changes to a repository.

What is a “GitHub fork”?
A “GitHub fork” is a copy of a repository.

What is a “GitHub clone”
A “GitHub clone” is a Linux based command, executed from a Git Bash terminal (aka Git Command), that will clone a repository from the GitHub server to your desktop.

What is a “GitHub push request”?
A “GitHub push request” is used to push changes from your local branch to a remote repository. Push requests are commonly used to push changes from your computer to a your repository on GitHub.com. Push requests can only be made to repositories that you own.

What is “Git Commit” used for?
A “Git Commit” is a Git Command that commits changes made to a repository on your local system before those changes are pushed to your GitHub.com repository.

How are repositories merged?
The author/owner of a repository on GitHub receives a pull request from a second author who has made changes to their repository. If the author/owner approves of the changes made, they will accept the push request, merging the second author’s changes into the original repository.

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