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Code that Saves People’s Lives

Code that Saves People’s Lives

The most important aspects of coding lies in it’s ability to positively impact, influence and enhance the mission of any organization. For me personally, one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of coding is finding solutions for problems in society that will change people’s live for the better.

Q. What is the Problem?
A. In the United States: a) someone dies from suicide every 15 minutes, b) there are over 30,000 suicides every year, c) over 50% of all suicides happen within several months of the individual having an appointment with a medical or mental health professional.

Q. What is Zero Suicide?
A. The Zero Suicide Initiative is a commitment to suicide prevention in health and behavioral health care systems. Learn more: http://zerosuicide.sprc.org

Q. What is the Solution?
A. Zero Suicide is an important tool in reducing if not eliminating suicides within health care and behavioral health care systems. Although the Zero Suicide initiative may not be the only answer, it most certainly has the potential to greatly reduce the suicide rate.

Q. What is the Process for Solving the Problem?
A. (Twitter / PHP) + (Zero Suicide) = Saved Lives. This is the “algorithm” used to solve the problem.

Q. What is an Algorithm?
A. In layman’s terms, an algorithm is defined as the steps a software program takes to perform a specific task.

Q. Why use Twitter?
A. An extremely high percentage of Hospitals, outpatient clinics, health care professionals use social media as a way of patient outreach while positively influencing the public view. A hospital is more likely to respond to a request or complaint via social media then they are a phone call or email as a result of social media being a public venue.

Q. How Does the Code Save People’s Lives?
A. The code randomly sends a message to a hospital or institution from a list of hundreds of Twitter accounts. Attached to this message is a link to a data resource provided by the Zero Suicide initiative. This process is done without human intervention and happens twice an hour. As more health care providers and mental health care providers become aware of the Zero Suicide initiative, the more likely it is that lives can and will be saved.

Q. What is the Future of this Project?
A. This has not yet been determined. Please call me if you would like to support this project. (330)802-0285

To view the Twitter account used to implement this project, go to: https://twitter.com/suicidechamp

Zero Suicide

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