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The Evolution of the Geek

Rarely, if ever, do I step outside of the realm of professional and/or educational resources when blogging on MikeStratton.net. That said, I feel that this blog is highly relevant as most believe that computer guys, those that work in the field of Information Technology and Software, are geeks.

The evolution of the geek has been great, indeed. As far as today’s standards are concerned, being a geek is a great way to make a living! That is of course. if you are a geek of intelligent design. For those of us that excel in math, we are sure to find a way to make a living. Here are a few geek salaries:

MikeStratton.net Geek:
Defined: “A MikeStratton.net geek is a sole proprietor capable of handling all the responsibilities of a complete software company. Those responsibilities include but are not limited to: graphic design, web development, programming, database administration, software engineering and information security. Some consider a mikestratton.net geek as being gullible or naive as company rates are well below U.S. Standard for software development. Others argue that company rates are a result of believing in ethics and integrity.”
Used in a sentence: “Whoa, did you see that website that the mikestratton.net geek created? It is simply super-fabulosis!”

Graphic Designer Geek:
$44,150 per year
Defined: A master of digital art, a graphic designer brings stunning visual designs to your software project.

Web Developer Geek:
$62,500 per year
Defined: WC3.org compliant. CSS and HTML, a bit of JavaScript, the client-side of software.

Computer Programmer Geek:
$74,280 per year
Defined: Grunt – give me coffee and I will make code. Me like Java, me like C++, me like PHP, anything Object Oriented is good for breakfast.

Database Administrator Geek:
$77,080 per year
Defined: I often use phpMyAdmin to administer MySql databases. I can create a UI that will allow an user who has no knowledge of databases to add, edit, and delete records from a newly created relational database.

Software Engineer Geek:
$85,430 per year
Defined: I create software that meets specific business requirements as defined by company stakeholders. “If you can dream it, I can build it”.

Information Security Analyst Geek:
$86,170 per year
Defined: I utilize existing software and write software that will aide me in security risk assessments, PIN testing, locating and resolving security vulnerabilities. I am also the guy that enjoys ethically hacking the hacker, gathering forensic evidence, that can be used for accountability.

The Evolution of the Geek

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