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Learning Styles – Accelerate Your Capacity to Learn

This post was created to share an essay assignment that I completed during my sophmore year at Mountain State University. This post includes the assignment details, as well as my assignment submission. I have entitled this post “Learning Styles – Accelerate Your Capacity to Learn” as this is the title of my essay. Learning Styles – Accelerate Your Capacity to Learn

 English Composition II – Final Essay Assignment

“This is the broadest and least narrowly defined area you are being asked to investigate. This is for a reason. I want you to be able to make choices on your own about what area you wish to research instead of having me determine something for you. This is much the same as will occur in a typical course, wherein an instructor leaves everything up to you other than a broad topic. Here, “education” might reasonably relate to almost anything relevant to learning of some sort. Some potential areas of investigation are listed below, but you should not feel that you have to work with one of these suggestions. These are presented as suggestions only.

What might be understood as the pros and/or cons of the US education system as compared to the education systems of other countries?  Private vs. Public education.  Advantages or disadvantages of various kinds of learning environments.  Theories about how we learn.  Alternative” education.  Pros/cons of home schooling.  Distance learning vs. the traditional classroom.  Causes and effects of school consolidation.  Validity or lack of validity in the No Child Left Behind program.  Animal education/training/learning.  Learning disabilities and/or obstacles to learning  Critical Thinking” is the buzzword among educators these days. What is it and why is it thought to be important?

The failure of the education system to adequately prepare high school graduates for the workplace and college. And so on. Requirements: 3-5 pages, typed and double-spaced. Make use of a minimum of three research sources. Proper APA textual documentation and References. ” (Mountain State University,  2011)

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