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Resume – VB.net Proficiency

The purpose of this post is to share my proficiency with vb.net, so that a potential employer may have a better understanding of my level of experience.

View my VB.net proficiency test here: http://mikestratton.net/assets/visual_basic_net_proficiency1.pdf
Test provided by: http://www.ikmnet.com/

I recently applied for a job where the initial stages of the interview process included a remote test that validates my knowledge within the VB.net platform. The position that I applied for was an entry level opportunity, and I expected to do well with the test considering my base understanding of the VB.net platform. To my surprise, the test was extremely difficult and I felt I had failed horribly. Later I found that the opposite of this was true.

The test is set up so that each individual recieves questions relevant to their knowledge. For example, a mathematics test might start with a random question about Algebra. If the correct answer is given, the test will ask a more advanced question, like one relevant to triganometry. If an incorrect answer is given to a question about Algebra, the test will give an easier question, like one relevant to fractions.

I struggled with this test as each question was extremely challenging as a result of my knowledge in VB.net. I also found that from an industry standard, my level of knowledge is much greater than that of an entry level opportunity. The test ranges from questions directed at individuals with no experience to individuals with 10 years or greater of experience. My test results showed that my knowledge is average in comparison to this range.

Immediately after I took the exam, the company requested an initial interview with the HR department. I was extremely anxious, and although my test results were great, I did not pass the “personality” portion of the job interview as a result of my anxiety.

Interested in hiring me for a vb.net entry level opportunity? Call me at 330-802-0285.

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