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Artificial Life Simulation

The purpose of this post is to document my research in the comprehension of artificial intelligence and the simulation/creation of an artificial life form.

Artificial Intelligence – Research Question and Hypothesis

Topic: Artificial Intelligence

Narrowed Topic: Artificially intelligent algorithms and artificial life.

Issue: Advancing and improving artificial intelligence for the purpose of creating artificial life forms, and/or artificial life simulations.

Research Questions: Of the existing types of artificially intelligent algorithms, which has the greatest potential to improve and/or expand our current capabilities in the use of artificial life forms and/or artificial life simulations.

Hypothesis: It is possible to create an artificial life form; for, the advancement in the design, development and enhancement of existing artificially intelligent algorithms.

Artificial Life Form Design

It can be interpreted that life forms live off of a few basic functions, some of which are: the ability to transform an energy source into food, the ability to evolve, and the ability to reproduce. The design of the artificial life form will follow the same functions and life-cycle. The image in Figure 1 demonstrates this in a side by side comparison.

Figure 1: Life Form/Algorithm Comparison

Life Cycle

Artificial Life Form Simulation

The video in Figure 2 shows a simplistic example of how an algorithm such as this would work, with the use of 4 separate objects each with separate fuctions. The objects are a carnivore, herbivore, plant, and bacteria. At the time of making this video, the carnivore, representsented as a wolf head, stalks and follows the herbivore (represented as the chicken). The animated vegetable reacts to the herbivore by moving away when it comes in contact with the it. The herbivore also reacts to the carnivore by moving away when it comes in contact with it.

Future development (currently in progress) of this algorithm will include “intelligence” for each object as well as random environmental variables. All of the objects, functions, and random variables will emulate two things a) life form evolution b) artificial intelligence that evolves, reproduces, and solves a specific problem set.

Figure 2: Artificial Life Form Algorithm Video Simulation

Algorithm Specifications

The algorithm in this video was developed in C# code with Visual Studio 2010 and the XNA Software Development Kit. Source code for this algorithm is avaible upon request.

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