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I Love HTMLFor those of us interested in a career in web design, it is essential that we understand the phrase “web design” from a dynamic standpoint as opposed to the widely accepted HTML definition. This article evaluates the term “web design” as it directly relates to different career paths in the field of “web design”. It will also include relevant links to help you better evaluate the different careers available to be considered a professional “web designer”.

We have all heard of the term “web design”, but very few of us have given careful consideration to what the term “web design” really means. From a simplistic standpoint, most believe that web design could be summed up in a sentence or two. Ask someone with minimal experience what web design means and they will respond with something to the effect: “web design is the creation of a website with HTML and graphics”. This view is acceptable, but the phrase “web design” is actually dynamic and not static. It is dynamic as it is defined from the standpoint of who you are and what you do; that is, our definition of the term “web design” is directly related to our experience in the field of computer science.

From the standpoint of someone with a degree in computer science, the phrase “web design” is used as a method to market websites to small businesses and individuals and is not relevant to actual experience in the field. Software developers never label themselves as “web designers”. The “labels” are directly related to our experience, for example, a software engineer may have relevant experience as a Visual Basic programmer, and therefore is qualified to apply for a job where the requirements are related to Microsoft’s .net platform.

Are you interested in the field of computer science? MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) offers FREE classes! Click here: http://ocw.mit.edu/ I will caution you that if math is not your strong suit, this may not be the field for you.

If math is not your strong suit, no worries as you can still become a “professional web designer”. Basically, there are two other career paths to choose from a) graphic design, and b) marketing.

The following list defines the career paths available in the field of “web design”.
1. Marketing
2. Arts/Graphic Design
3. Computer Science

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