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Universal Human Perspective

Human Perspective & The Known Universe

We are just now in the infancy of understanding technology and the world around us. Our feeble human brains can only percieve what is in front of us, the here and now. Our belief system revolves around what we hear, see and feel, and is derived from our inperfect emotionally based need for survival.

This video clearly details how feeble as a human race we really are. For us to continue or existence of our race, we must find a way to think beyond what we feel, think and believe to be of time and space…we must not only understand technology, we must question the path we follow in attaining such technological advances.

The question we must ask ourselves is more of a self assured statement, a statement that increases our need to better understand the world in which we exist. The question we must ask is not “What is out their” but more importantly, “Who am I”.

Our belief system is delusional at best, and is fueled by our self-satisfying need to survive. It is the very essence of this belief system that must be challanged for ust to advance in the arenas of Science, Technology, and Self-Presevervation.

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