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Sunday Dress and a Polar Bear

Mountain State University Summer 2010 Semester English Assignment for week 5.

Essay assignment.

Sunday Dress and a Polar Bear

by Michael Stratton

The 21st century is plagued with men who wear dresses and woman that wrestle polar bears. Although it may sound biased to say such a thing, in all actuality, I am simply stating the facts.

The statement “woman that wrestles polar bears”, simply implies that the woman of today can easily do some of the jobs previously dominated by men. In the essay “Girl in an Oven”, by Sara Jeanette Smith, Sara describes her success as a firefighter, thus proving that a woman can be successful in a male dominated career.

In the essay “One Man’s Kids” by Daniel Meier, Daniel put’s on his “Sunday dress” every day before he teaches his first grade class. Daniel states that when he interviews for a job, he offers a “male” response. Daniel’s “Sunday dress” is only a figurative example used to describe the ever evolving view of men who work in jobs previously dominated by woman.

60 years ago you could only find woman wrestling polar bears during a show at a traveling circus, and any man that wore a dress in public risked being arrested. Although that was the view of then, today are views are not so harsh.

We still believe that our roles as men and woman in the workplace are predefined; yet, we are challenging some of these beliefs.

Recently during a hospital stay I held the hand of a male nurse during a procedure that was painful. As a means of dealing with the pain, I squeezed his hand as hard as I could, without reservation. If he had been wearing a dress, I would have worried about hurting his hand.

A few years back I worked with a female personal trainer at a gym. Thanks to her training I was soon able to lift 600 pounds. Today I am now overweight and out of shape, and she is renowned body builder.

The days of outrageous polar bear wrestlers and bizarre Sunday dress stylists are over, as are our beliefs in the roles of men and woman in the work place. We still make outrageous and biased views on our counterparts, but those views are easily challenged by successful examples of our counterparts doing our jobs better.

Yes, men wear dresses, and yes, woman wrestle polar bears.

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