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Software Company CEO

The CEO of a successful software company is guaranteed an extremely lucrative pay scale. The time and effort to become the CEO of a successful software company is great, and the time and effort involved in continuing any success is greater yet.

Many of the world’s greatest CEO’s were software programmers before they became business executives, some even who dropped out of college. Although billionaires Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are both college dropouts, they are pure genius as software engineers.

A CEO who is a business executive secondary to being a software programmer is guaranteed a successful career even if they fail as a CEO. Failure as a CEO can be easily remedied by a successful career outlook as a software engineer.

The biggest barrier to becoming the successful CEO of a software company is lack of experience either as a software engineer or as a CEO, or both. A CEO without a vast understanding of business is guaranteed to fail. A CEO in the software industry with absolutely no comprehension of software engineering can easily be taken advantage of and over run by the stiff competition for software sales by companies with better applications.

The CEO of Google, Eric E. Schmidt, earned a PhD in EECS, and earns a salary of over $550,000 a year. Eric also taught at Stanford Business School as a part time professor.

Failure as a CEO of a software company will only increase your chances for success as a software engineer; which, in turn can improve future opportunities as the CEO of a software company.

The demand for software is expected to increase dramatically through the year of 2020, thus insuring opportunities for success as either a software company CEO or software engineer.

Any software engineer or CEO must have at the very least an above average IQ. The job demands critical analytical skills and relevant education or experience. The pay scale is wonderful and will insure a financially secure future. If you are a math wizard with critical analytical skills who loves computer technology, chances are you will do well as a software engineer or CEO of a software company.


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