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Honey Bees & Human Hair

Mountain State University Summer 2010 Semester English Assignment for week 3.

The readings by Klagsbrun and Lott rely on anecdotes, or brief stories, to portray a family member. Write an essay (2-3 paragraphs) in which you use two or three brief anecdotes to characterize one of your family members (Moseley & Harris, p. 136).


Honey Bees & Human Hair

Horror and laughter are emotions that are rarely shared. Bee nests and human hair serve a common purpose, as they both meet the needs of a species. When my grandfather was a younger man, he survived an attack from a swarm of raging honey bees. Although he walked away with his life, he was unable to walk away with a full head of hair.

At the age of five I was horrified when my grandfather told me and my 3 older sisters a story about how he lost his hair. I could not understand why my older 3 sisters laughed uncontrollably as he described the swarm of bees that swooped down and stole his hair. Later, after his story, my grandfather offered me a piece of bread with a light layer of honey and butter on it. As I sunk my teeth into the bread, I imagined my grandfather as being a magical giant. “Honey bees make honey Mike” he said just as my eyes brightened wide as the sweet taste of honey saturated into my taste buds. My grandfather continued to inform me that he was being silly when he told his story, and I should not be afraid. I took another bite, and my grandfather smiled. He offered me a glass of milk.

That’s the kind of guy my grandfather was, he could make magical honey out of a head of bald hair. When the sky was dark and gray, he showed me how to plant a tree and grow some faith. If he were still alive today, I am sure we would be fishing and talking about better things.

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