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Book Review: Visual Basic 2010

Visual Basic 2010 Step by Step

Visual Basic 2010 Step by Step is an essential tool in learning Visual Basic. The Step by Step series has once again extended it’s series with another must-have for the visual basic programmer. This book is also a great refresher course for the intermediate visual basic programmer.

The author, Michael Halvorson is an award winning author and what I consider a Visual Basic Hall of Famer. His experience with Visual Basic extends beyond that as a writer, as he is also an editor and a Visual Basic guru for Microsoft.

For those of us who do not have the software and intergrated environment to learn visual basic, this book is one step in a simple solution to this problem. Microsoft offers a free download of their Visual Basic Express edition. Visit www.microsoft.com/press to download the software. The book also comes with a fully featured CD that includes practice files for book exercises as well as sample databases, and also a searchable eBook.

When it comes to Visual Basic programming, the phrase
Dim strCode As String
may not be something you understand currently. Do not worry, becuase by the end of reading Visual Basic 2010 Step by Step you will be
“Dim Visual.Basic.Code As (A.Pro)”

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