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A Theological Objection to Artificial Intelligence

Theological Objection?

Many religous leaders or persons of faith will argue that the study of artificial intelligence is in direct contrast to God’s will.  I belive this view comes from a misconception and/or lack of education in the arena of information systems. That being said, the very same leaders that argue against the use of artificial intelligence, also depend on technology in every aspect of their day to day life.

Any reference to the term “artificial intelligence” is responded with images from movies like “The Terminator” or “The Matrix”. I belive this comes from a misconception and/or lack of education in the arena of information systems. In all actuality, the first computer, also known as “The Turing Machine” is an example of artificial intelligence. The Turing Machine, was originally created in 1937 and was instrumental in decrypting German Naval Ensigma messages. Above all else, the very first artificially intelligent machine could be considered an act of God with a man as his instrument. Quite obviously, the first intelligent system was beneficial to the Will of God and most certainly was not in direct contrast to God’s will.

Do you still have a theological objection to artificial intelligence? Maybe your view is derived from the concept that Darwin’s theory of evolution is in direct contrast with creationism, and that you may be sinning by even giving thought to topics such as evolution or intelligent systems. If this is your view, I would like to ask you to take an ethical approach to your belief. Before we discuss the meaning of ethics, let me first ask you if you wore clothes today? If you have,  by your own definition, you are sinning. Clearly, its easy for you to see that clothes are created by industry and that industry is driven by intelligent systems. Have you also considered the idea that commerce is driven by inteligent systems?

If you are still convinced that artificial intelligence is the work of the devil, let me quote the words of one who you may have faith in. Pope Benedict, leader of the Catholic Church recently (2007) took a view that is in support of evolution. The Catholic Church’s unofficial position is one that supports the idea that God used evolution as a method to evolve human life (Theistic evolution). Many other religions, the United Methodist Church for example, have taken a position that religion and science are compatable rather then contradictory.

If you still are not convinced that artificial intelligence is complimentary to God’s will rather then contradictory, you best take your own advice and ban the use of any intelligent system. How might you do as such? First step in the process is to rid yourself of all things industry and technology and move into a remote portion of the world where you can live off the land. This includes phones, transportation, money, anything man-made, including your clothes. I doubt that you will make it to far before the use of an intelligent systems alerts the local police department of your current sinless and naked stance on religion and technology. Per your own beliefs, to do otherwise is sure to ban you to hell, and for eternity at that.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.” – Albert Enstien

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