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Joomla Troubleshooting – Admin Login

Joomla Troubleshooting

Joomla Super Administrator Can’t Login, No Error Message

A volunteer client contacted me in a panic requesting some assistance. They
stated they had decided to only allow users they invite to register to submit
articles and were trying to block any unapproved registration. They had stated
they are not sure what they did, but they could no longer login to their joomla
application, and state they had not changed their password. When trying to login
to Joomla their was no error stating invalid password or invalid user name, the
web page refreshed to the initial login screen with no further information. They
were positive that they had used the correct user name and password for joomla,
and as well had cookies enabled.  

After just a little bit of research here is what I found that they had done:

  1. Logged into joomla
  2. Clicked on the Top Menu:Extensions” – -> “Plugins
  3. Within the Plugin Manager: Right Side Drop Down
    Menu: Selected "Type” – – >  “user
  4. Selected: “Edit – Plugin” – – > “User – Joomla!
  5. Plugin Edit Page: Name: “User – Joomla!”
  6. Radio Box: “Enabled” – – > “No

The default setting for the Radio Box is “Yes”.
When changing the Radio box to select “No” you are preventing
ANY JOOMLA USER from logging in, including the Super
Administrator. This is security feature that will prevent anyone from logging in
to the Joomla interface and is best used when backend .php/MySql development is
taking place. When this plugin is disabled, all changes have to be made via the
MySql Database( phpMyAdmin).  

Here is the resolution:

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin
  2. Click on the database for Joomla on the left.
  3. On the left, scroll down and find the table with the id of “jos_plugins”
  4. At the top make sure the tab “Browse” is selected.
  5. Scroll down and find the table entitled: “User – Joomla!”
  6. Click on the Pencil Icon(Edit).
  7. In the Field labeled “published” make sure the value is set to “1” and
    not “0”.  

Granted that their may be other issues that cause this type of problem that
prevents the super administrator from logging in, but if no errors are received
when logging in, and the user is using the correct user name and password, this
is the first place I would suggest checking.

I also suggested to my client that to increase security they should disable
the login form module and allow me to register users for them, to help increase
security. They agreed and are quite satisfied with the results for doing as

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