I am freelance web developer based in Akron/Cleveland, Ohio.
I have developed hundreds of websites, web applications and software for charities, non-profits and small to mid sized businesses across the globe.


Recent Software Projects

Environmental Assessment Software (Laravel)

Development of software to automate the process business processes of an EPA regulated firm. Application developed on the Laravel Framework.

  1. Two user types with appropriate permissions: a) Administrator, b) Surveyor
  2. Administrator can create update and delete the following common content types: Customer, Property, Users, Photos.
  3. Administrator can create update and delete the following content types, relevant to environmental standards: Homogeneous Areas, Samples and more.
  4. Administrator can upload blueprint of property which is then used by surveyor to draw on photo with javascript. Image an edits are then saved.
  5. Many other features and functionality, all based on developing software from the Model, View and Controller architectural pattern.

NFL Fantasy Football – (ASP migration to Joomla)

Migration from a flawed, multi-stack environment, to an acceptable standard.

  1. Original application was developed with ASP 2.0 on IIS on top of a Joomla Windows installation.
  2. Detailed plan was made to migrate application away from ASP to integrate directly into Joomla with PHP that asserts the same functionality as the ASP algorithm.
  3. SQL database migrated to MySQL database, with focus on interoperability of a LAMP based system.
  4. Definition of mathematical algorithm that calculates player results.
  5. Testing and utilization of Bootstrap CSS/JavaScript front end framework to allow for increased speed in development time while increasing long term consistency of Front End UI.

WordPress Custom Application Development

Development of custom PHP scripts to build upon a WordPress site. Scripts will implement current output of a deprecated ASP based content management system. Application assists a manufactures sales team in developing leads while giving the customer the ability to search for an explicitly defined manufacturing part.

  1. Recommendations on best practices in WordPress custom development, including child themes, page templates, custom CSS, etc.
  2. Migration of Microsoft SQL database to MySql database.
  3. Planning for development based on costs and time frame for completion.
  4. Utilization of array based variables to store values of parent-child relationship form. Form may produces hundreds of different results, contingent on user selection.
  5. Integration of JavaScript to implement PHP stored variables within HTML Form
  6. Careful consideration of potential security risks